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Mary and Steven Goldsmith founded Goldkeys Services in 1996. Goldkeys Services is dedicated to providing Internet development services for small businesses and individuals. We've designed and developed Web sites and complex Web applications.

Mary has had Type I diabetes for 40 years, since age six. In 1993, she began the diabetes management program called tight control, injecting insulin from three to six times a day. She was very happy with the freedom it provided to eat what she wanted, when she wanted. However, with that freedom came more injections and each one had to be recorded. In 2000, Mary had an accident and spent weeks in the hospital recuperating. Her diabetes went out of control for a while. Mary's endocrinologist and a nurse convinced her to try an insulin pump. This improved her control but required even more record keeping.

Mary owns several meters, from several companies, one for each floor of our split level house. Each night, Mary would spend quite a while recording her blood sugars, meals, medicines and the other events that her endocrinologist wanted to know about. One day, Mary was preparing to mail a logbook to her endocrinologist. Steve looked through the book and wondered how anyone could read all that information compacted into tiny boxes. This got him thinking that there must be an easier way to record and present this information. Soon after, the idea for Best 4 Diabetes was born.

At first, Mary wasn't quite sure about how it could make her life easier. She still had to record everything. Then Steve showed Mary how, by uploading her blood sugars, she didn't have to write each one down. Now all she had to record manually were foods, insulin and miscellaneous other activities. Soon the idea of favorite foods was born, to make it easier for her to record foods that she ate often. As each feature was done, Mary and Steve designed the next one, based on Mary's knowledge of and experience with daily diabetes management and Steve's expertise creating complex Web applications. Steve had been writing software for 32 years.

Mary has two meters that she likes using, the LifeScan Ultra and the Ascensia Elite XL. The first one is easy to use, versatile and fast. Mary prefers the Elite XL meter when she is away from home because of the test strip packaging. Once the test is done, the used strip can be returned to the individual foil package it came from and placed in the case until it's convenient to dispose.

However, Mary is always eager to try new meters for the new features that come with them. Best 4 Diabetes makes it easy to change meters because Steve provides the ability to upload readings from it soon after the manufacturer introduces the new meter to the market. Without Best 4 Diabetes, she would be limited to using meters from only one company.

We hope that by using Best 4 Diabetes, you will see the advantages of using a Web based system and that it will help you achieve better control of your diabetes. Mary & Steve invite you to share your stories, questions and suggestions with us.


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