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Help Topic: Daily Trend Report

The Daily Trend Report is used to spot trends over the course of a few days or a few weeks. It should not be used as a detail log because it doesn't display the time of day that events occurred. Instead, it displays events by the time block in which they occurred. While it is tempting to read the report from left to right, you and your will get more out of this report by reading it from the top down. A lot of low or high readings may indicate that a change in how you calculate insulin doses is needed for a particular time block.

The Trend Report has 8 time blocks:

  1. Sleep
  2. Before Breakfast
  3. After Breakfast
  4. Before Lunch
  5. After Lunch
  6. Before Dinner
  7. After Dinner
  8. Evening

Values are assigned to a time block based on the entries in your Profile : Daily Schedule.

Before Breakfast starts at your Wake Time and continues until you begin to eat breakfast. After Breakfast starts when you begin to eat breakfast and continues for the next two hours. Two hours is the typical time it takes for food to digest and to enter your blood stream. If your typical digestion time is different from two hours, you can change it on the Profile : Blood Sugar Targets page. The same rules apply for Lunch and Dinner.

For simplicity, Evening ends at midnight, immediately followed by Sleep on the next day. While there could be a short sleep block at the end of the day or a short evening block at the beginning of the next day, we thought that would be confusing and would add more columns to an already tight report.

Within each time block there are three columns: one for glucose measurements, one for insulin doses and one for foods (not including meals). The Before and After columns are separated by vertical brown bars which indicate meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). Unlike the two other Daily Reports, this report lists value as whole numbers instead of using one digit after the decimal point. This is simply because space on this report is very tight. The two sections below explain how to interpret the report for people who take insulin by injection or pen and for people who use an insulin pump.

Insulin by Injection or Pen

This example shows part of the Daily Trend Report, the time blocks Before and After Lunch.

This person's glucose is often high before lunch and she had two lows after lunch. Perhaps she is taking too high a meal bolus. The Daily Detail Report should be checked to determine if the lows could be caused by other factors.

Insulin doses are displayed in Blue. The number of units that was taken is followed by a letter. The letter indicates the speed that this insulin takes to work. All letters are lower case.

    Letter   Insulin Rate     Example
  r Rapid Acting Humalog
  s Short Acting Humulin R
  i Intermediate Humulin L
  l Long Acting Humulin U
  m Mixture Humulin 50/50

Insulin by Pump

Here is part of the same report but for a person who uses an insulin pump.

A correction bolus is indicated by the letter c following the number of units. Two numbers separated by a c indicate a correction bolus and a meal bolus taken at the same time. The correction bolus is the first number.

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